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Owl appears to be made mostly in C++ but uses some plugins written in Lua to parse some forums. I've been following progress on GitHub for a while now and am looking to make a spin-off that will work on more platforms by rewriting portions of it to use a commercial Lua-derived scripting language called Hollywood which has a bytecode format that runs on as many as 11 variants of about 6 operating systems. The ones supported by the RapaGUI plugin include Macos Lion+, Linux 32-bit, ARM Linux, PPC Linux, Win32, PPC AmigaOS, PPC MorphOS, Intel AROS and 68k AmigaOS.

The upside of my approach is that the GUI code runs on a plugin called RapaGUI which works on all variants of Hollywood except the Android version and the PPC Mac version. The downsides are that the plugin system to Hollywood doesn't support templates easily because it only has access to the C runtime and not the C++ standard template library on some platforms, and another problem is that the Qt runtime libraries are built on C++ only. Other quirks are that Hollywood is not backward compatible to the Lua parser thus requiring a thin port-job for any Lua code.

Why? I'm a longtime hobby-coder for the Amiga-related platforms and it's no secret that Amiga web browsers are terribly outdated. The best ones support only HTML 4 and earlier and the corresponding primitive CSS support. The fact that HTML 5 will likely not happen for AmigaOS, AROS and MorphOS has me looking for alternatives to web browsers. Since forums all have similar GUI layouts, I want there to be a forum browser so we don't have to waste bandwidth on dynamic layouts that web browsers often require.

Thanks for reading my long post, and thanks for the add to the forum!

Your idea is interesting. The GUI app (which is currently closed source but that will probably have to change soon) uses Qt and we are planning Linux builds with the next release.

Having something like this run on Amiga would be very interesting!
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